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Andy Mikita

Andy Mikita is a BC-based Director and Producer with over 150 hours of television and film credits including FAMILY LAW, VIRGIN RIVER, UNSPEAKABLE, TRAVELERS, BLINDSPOT, MOTIVE, X COMPANY, KILLJOYS, STRANGE EMPIRE, REIGN, BITTEN, LOST GIRL, DARK MATTER, and STARGATE UNIVERSE/ATLANTIS/SG-1.

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Meridian Artists - Glenn Cockburn, Courtenay Bainbridge

Andy Mikita

Main Reel

  • Travelers


    Episodes: 11 Episodes

    Link: IMDB

    Studio / Network: Netflix

    Type: One-hour episodic (TV/SVOD)

    Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery

  • Motive


    Episodes: 12 Episodes

    Link: IMDB

    Studio / Network: ABC

    Type: One-hour episodic (TV/SVOD)

    Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery