How to Use

Decision Makers: is an interactive search tool which assists producers, showrunners and other key decision makers in finding the perfect DGC Director for their next project by curating a tailored list of directors that meet their criteria. 

DGC Directors:

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Or contact Julian Lung for updates and questions


Creating an account is an important step in unlocking the full capabilities of An account is required to create, save and share lists, as well as to unlock diversity filters for Director profiles. 

To create an account or log in to your existing account, click the LOG IN button on the top right of the page. Enter your login credentials, or click REGISTER to create a new account. 

When registering, enter your information and click SUBMIT. Check your email address for a confirmation email with a link to activate your account, then log in with your credentials. 


Use the search bar to type a search for a Director’s name, a particular credit or a specific tag (such as a genre, language or residency).

To go back to the full list of Directors, simply click BROWSE ALL.


To make more specific searches with multiple variables, use the FILTERS located directly under the search bar.

Click on the filter you’d like to apply, and a box will appear with a list of TAGS. Check the box for as many tags as you’d like, then click anywhere outside the box to apply and view your results. Applied filters will change from white to black. 

Checking multiple tags within a filter will generate Directors who have EITHER tag associated with them. If you’d like to view Directors who have BOTH tags associated with them, scroll to the bottom of the tag list and turn on “Only results with all tags.”

Use multiple filters to hone in your search. For example, if you want to find a comedy Director based in British Columbia, check the Comedy tag in the Genre filter, then check the British Columbia tag in the Residency filter. The list generated will consist of Directors with Comedy experience based in BC. 

To reset all filters and view the full Director list, click BROWSE ALL. 


Each Director profile includes their name, photo, province, social links (including IMDb and website, if available), bio and contact information.  

Below their photo, you will see a list of tags associated with their profile. Clicking on any tag will take you to a list of all Directors associated with that tag. 

Below the tags is the Director’s reel (if they have one) and a list of their directing credits. 


If logged into an account, you are able to create and share lists of Directors. 

At the top and bottom of each Director profile, as well as in the top right of each photo in the full Directors list, is the SAVE TO LIST button. 

If you have no lists created, you can create one in the LISTS page, or by clicking any SAVE TO LIST button, typing in a name, and clicking CREATE LIST.

Once you have a list created, click the SAVE TO LIST button of the desired Director, and select the list you’d like to add them to. 

To view your list, go to the LISTS page and click on the list you’d like to see. 

To share your list, click the SHARE LIST button on the top right of the page. This will generate a link which can be copied and shared with anyone and allow them to view the list without having to create an account. 


Among the available filters, you’ll see one labelled “Diversity.” We are unable to make diversity information publicly available. However, if you are pre-approved to view a Director's specific personal characteristic (i.e. gender, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.) for a specific production, you can enter your approval code to gain access to additional diversity filters.

To request a code, please contact with an explanation of the production and the reason for the request. 

Thank you for using to find the perfect Director for your next project and supporting Canadian Directors. If you have any questions or are experiencing any technical difficulties, please contact Julian Lung