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Avi Federgreen


Avi Federgreen’s over twenty-five years of experience as a Producer in the Canadian film industry including over seventy films produced. In 2019 Federgreen Directed his first Short film Red Balloon which is now travelling the festival circuit. In the Fall of 2020 Federgreen Directed his first feature film Family Seductions for Neshama Entertainment / Marvista Entertainment which was sold to Netflix US and has recently completed Directing two episodes of the acclaimed hit series Holly Hobbie.

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Avi Federgreen


  • Summer At Charlotte's

    Summer At Charlotte's

    Link: IMDB

    Roles: Director, Writer, Executive Producer

    Studio / Network: Superchannel

    Type: Indie Feature

    Genre: Drama

  • Holly Hobbie

    Holly Hobbie

    Episodes: 406, 503

    Link: IMDB

    Roles: Executive Producer, Director

    Studio / Network: BYU, Family Channel

    Type: Half-hour episodic (TV/SVOD)

    Genre: Drama, Family, Music

  • Family Seductions

    Family Seductions

    Link: IMDB

    Roles: Producer, Director

    Type: TV Movie/Long Form/SVOD

    Genre: Thriller

  • Red Balloon

    Red Balloon

    Link: IMDB

    Roles: Producer, Director

    Type: Short

    Genre: Family