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Bryce McLaughlin

British Columbia

Collaboration is the key element to making a movie. Bryce McLaughlin considers himself a versatile Director, where he is able to grasp and understand most genres. He owes this to his extensive training as an Actor, the plays he has read, and all his years of writing. Plus, the different genres of novels he has read over the years have lent a hand too. His favourite styles of movies to make are character-driven with suspense, crime-thrillers; the whodunit films. Action films like THE FUGITIVE or comedies like THE PINK PANTHER movies gives you an idea of what he enjoys watching. Thanks for stopping by! Be blessed!

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Bryce McLaughlin

My Boyfriend’s A Spy - Concept

  • Genesis Code

    Genesis Code

    Link: IMDB

    Roles: Writer, Director, Actor

    Type: Indie Feature

    Genre: Suspense, Sci-Fi

  • Monbella and the Curse of 1809

    Monbella and the Curse of 1809

    Link: IMDB

    Roles: Director, Writer

    Type: Indie Feature

    Genre: Comedy