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Bryce McLaughlin

British Columbia

Canadian filmmaker, Bryce McLaughlin, has been writing, producing, directing, and acting for the better part of two decades. Well versed in all aspects of production, his career as an Assistant Director began later in his life. As an A.D. he found himself working beside some of our industry's well known directors (Shawn Levy, Cameron Crowe), producers (Bob Fisher, Mary Viola) and actors (Ben Stiller, Luke and OwenWilson). 

As an independent filmmaker, his movies have played in numerous film festivals around the nation and in 2020, McLaughlin’s novice feature film Genesis Code, a movie that he wrote, directed, and starred in, was released on many platforms in North America by Green Apple Entertainment and most recently in Germany.

Later in 2020 McLaughlin and his wife birthed their production company AB Films Inc., for the purpose of developing, packaging and producing the slate of projects in their possession. The first film under their AB Films label is titled “Death Rumble”, and was produced with Green Apple Entertainment. Death Rumble was released December of 2023 on Tubi, Amazon Prime and FreeVee.

Currently, McLaughlin has partnered American writer Christina Babbinsack and New York based Producer, Vince P. Maggio. Together they are developing a project based on the life of Roger Rodas, the driver who died with Paul Walker in 2013. McLaughlin has also partnered with Morris Ruskin and his team at Mojo Global Arts to produce his screenplay titled Seven Bells of Christmas, and continues to work alongside Green Apple Entertainment to produce movies.

Most recently, he has acquired the services of LA Producer, Josh Mandel, who has become a consultant to their company.

While actively writing and developing personal projects, McLaughlin's deep passion to help others has become a key mandate for AB Films. Their goal is to nurture and help develop filmmakers and help pave a way for them to make their project. Visit their site to learn more about them

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Bryce McLaughlin

My Boyfriend’s A Spy - Concept

  • Genesis Code

    Genesis Code

    Link: IMDB

    Roles: Writer, Actor

    Type: Indie Feature

    Genre: Suspense, Sci-Fi

  • Monbella and the Curse of 1809

    Monbella and the Curse of 1809

    Link: IMDB

    Role: Writer

    Type: Indie Feature

    Genre: Comedy