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Dan Rizzuto

As a former professional fighter under legend Frank Shamrock, Dan Rizzuto was discovered on the set of DARK ANGEL while running a VIP Protection team for Jessica Alba. Now with 20 years of on set film experience, Dan has risen to the challenge the film industry brings with it. Having touched everything from stunt work, to fight choreography, to music video directing with Grammy winning artists, to commercial directing, stunt camera operating, writing, producing and directing a feature film, Dan believes, to be the best Director possible, it’s imperative to understand all workings of the production process.

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Dan Rizzuto

Torn: Dark Bullets Trailer

  • Torn: Dark Bullets

    Torn: Dark Bullets

    Link: IMDB

    Studio / Network: Amazon Prime Video

    Type: Indie Feature

    Genre: Drama, Thriller

  • Jarhead: The Siege

    Jarhead: The Siege

    Link: IMDB

    Studio / Network: Universal

    Type: Studio Feature

    Genre: Action

  • Buffalo Jeans: Slim Fit

    Buffalo Jeans: Slim Fit

    Link: IMDB

    Studio / Network: Buffalo Jeans

    Type: Commercial

  • Tonight Your Name Is Beautiful

    Tonight Your Name Is Beautiful

    Link: IMDB

    Type: Music Video

  • The War Is Over

    The War Is Over

    Link: IMDB

    Studio / Network: Injeti Entertainment

    Type: Music Video

  • Lightning


    Link: IMDB

    Studio / Network: Beenie Man Productions

    Type: Music Video