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Linda-Lisa Hayter

British Columbia

Linda-Lisa Hayter is a 2nd generation filmmaker. She grew up watching her Dad directing, and has worked as a Script Supervisor for over 25 years. This background lead to Directing, with an extremely sharp eye for details and a natural ease working with actors. When the rare occasion arises where not on set, she'll be found in the South of France as a beach bum, nose deep into Tolstoy novels. She is 2 parts filmmaker, 1 part classical enthusiast and metalhead, and 1 part history geek.

Contact info:

Pacific Artists - Carmen Bonnici

L.A. Manager - Bernard Kira

Linda-Lisa Hayter
  • IZombie


    Episodes: 409, 505

    Role: Director

    Studio / Network: CW

    Type: One-hour episodic (TV/SVOD)

    Genre: Zombie, Drama