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Michael Cliett

British Columbia

Michael Cliett is a new DGC member, having directed a pivotal episode in the 7th and final season of the popular WBTV series, THE 100. "THE 100 would not have been the same without Michael. His sense of style and ability as a visual storyteller are something I relied upon season after season. I knew it would make him a great director, and it was why we entrusted such a crucial episode to him."  -Jason Rothenberg, Executive Producer, THE 100. Michael’s 60 minute episode (#13 Blood Giant) featured the death of a lead character; a brave choice as his directing debut. From a logistical standpoint, Michael shot through serious weather and his episode featured kids, a dog, plenty of action, and a short prep period. In addition to Michael’s directing debut in S7, he oversaw the visual effects for 6 of the 7 seasons of THE 100, as well as creating concept art. He is a four-time Emmy-nominated Visual Effects Supervisor, Producer, and Artist with 20 years of experience.  Michael is a Canadian resident and holds an American passport.


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Michael Cliett

Main Reel

  • The 100

    The 100

    Episodes: 713

    Link: IMDB

    Studio / Network: Warner Brothers

    Type: One-hour episodic (TV/SVOD)

    Genre: Sci-Fi