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P.J. Marcellino


Born in Lisbon, Portugal to a Portuguese a family with Portuguese, Cape-Verdean and Italian roots, P.J. Marcellino is a journalist, children's author, political analyst, and filmmaker.

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P.J. Marcellino
  • Black Mangrove: The Wiwa Story

    Black Mangrove: The Wiwa Story

    Episodes: 6 Episodes

    Link: IMDB

    Type: One-hour episodic (TV/SVOD)

    Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

  • The Wellbeing Project

    The Wellbeing Project

    Link: IMDB

    Type: Short

    Genre: Drama

  • When They Awake

    When They Awake

    Link: IMDB

    Type: Indie Documentary

    Genre: Documentary, Music