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Ronald Paul Richard

British Columbia

Ronald Paul Richard is an award winning Cinematographer who’s creative style and enthusiasm is linked to visuals that have never been achieved before. Ronald began his storytelling journey as an actor. Unhappy with how his performances were portrayed on screen, he decided to step behind the camera and learn how “the machine” worked to ensure the camera work always enhanced, rather than hindered performances. This path led him to a passion for cinematography, that has now morphed into a love for directing as well. Ronald’s directorial debut was on Riverdale’s musical episode, “Next to Normal”. He pushed performances to places they’d never been before on the show - with cast both singing and crying their hearts out simultaneously! Ronald even received accolades from the president of the CW Network, Mark Pedowitz for his outstanding work. 

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Dan Burnside

Ronald Paul Richard
  • Riverdale


    Episodes: 518, 618

    Link: IMDB

    Role: Director

    Studio / Network: Warner Brothers

    Type: One-hour episodic (TV/SVOD)

    Genre: Drama, Romance, Action, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Crime