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Stacey N. Harding

British Columbia


Stacey began her career as a 1st AD. As an AD, she’s worked with several studios and networks including CBS, CW, NBC, ABC, Fox, TNT, Sony, Showtime, and Lifetime with A-list Creators and PD’s, amassing more than 120 hours of Series TV. Stacey is a passionate team leader, has a deep background in production and an inherent ability to calmly think on her feet. While she comes to the table with practical knowledge of story vs. production constraints, stunts, and visual effects, her real passion is finding breath in story: the connection between characters and the small moments where choices are made, where audiences can see themselves in the story. Stacey is a DGC and DGA Director Member, based in Vancouver, Canada.

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Stacey N. Harding
  • Mystery 101

    Mystery 101

    Episodes: 107

    Link: IMDB

    Studio / Network: Hallmark

    Type: One-hour episodic (TV/SVOD)

    Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

  • Charmed


    Episodes: 214

    Link: IMDB

    Studio / Network: Warner Brothers, CW

    Type: One-hour episodic (TV/SVOD)

    Genre: Drama, Fantasy